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Top 10 reasons you should take a caddie

A golfer and caddie

Golf presents an ever-changing landscape. And while digital technology continues to help make the game better, caddies have made up the fabric of golf since the mid-17th century beginning in Scotland, where the game started, specifically at St. Andrews.

Caddying presents multiple opportunities for learning both for the golfer and the caddie. Take into account all that comes with the job, including thinking ahead, reading people, and giving guidance when needed. In some ways, your caddie enjoys the round as much as you do. The golfer benefits from these TOP 10 Reasons:

  1. You play golf like it was meant to be played.
  2. When taking a caddie, expect to smile more. It’s proven you will enjoy your round better than with a cart. Carts don’t have a heartbeat or personality.
  3. You help speed up the pace of play.
  4. You grow the game by hiring caddies who want to be a part of golf.
  5. You get exercise (8,000 to 10,000 steps per round).
  6. Taking a caddie gives you the opportunity to be spoiled and not have to do the work, like rake a bunker or hunt for your ball.
  7. You save the course by not taking a cart and preserve more of the natural surroundings.
  8. Your playing partners can benefit too with a forecaddie
  9. Your playing partners can engage with you more.
  10. Your score improves. More statistics show you can lower your handicap by walking. The pace of walking affects your swing tempo and rhythm making it better and thus a much better swing.
  11. The most important reason, you deserve to enjoy yourself while you play golf!

Go on ... book a caddie and see for yourself why the ladies and gentlemen of the 17th century knew something more than what we know today. The secret to playing great golf is a caddie =]

Book your caddie now by calling the Ko Olina Golf Shop at Book your caddie by calling (808) 676-5300. You may request for a looper, pro looper or forecaddie. You may also request your favorite caddie!

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