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Private Lessons

These lessons are the best way to enhance your golf skills quickly. All of our instructors have the ability to teach the game in your most effective learning style - a combination of verbal, visual, and kinesthetic. A private lesson gives you one-on-one attention, but if you want to bring friends or family members, we can tailor a semi-private group lesson to your needs as well.

Prices do not include tax.

  Director of Player Development
& Head Professional
All Other Professionals
  Adult Junior Adult Junior
Half Hour $80 $70 $70 $60
  • Each additional student (max of 2)
$20 $20 $15 $15
One Hour $140 $115 $120 $100
  • Each additional student (max of 4)
$40 $40 $25 $25
Three-Hour Series $375 $285 $325 $250
  • Each additional student (max of 4)
$120 $120 $75 $75
Six-Hour Series $690 $520 $600 $450
  • Each additional student (max of 4)
$240 $240 $150 $150

*Lesson series can be taken in half or one-hour increments. Kama'aina Rate - 20% off lessons with valid HI State Driver's License.


TrackMan Launch Monitor Options

The TrackMan 4 launch monitor provides detailed and accurate club data before, during, and after impact. It also tracks full ball data such as launch angle, spin, curvature, and much more. This advancement provides an exceptional environment for analysis and diagnosis. Conclusive data is delivered in an easy-to-understand format, empowering professionals to excel in their training routines. Players feel can now be quantified to help understanding and accelerate the learning process.

Please note: Charges (Fees) for adding Trackman to your lesson are in addition to your lesson fee:
TrackMan per lesson (including Golf Schools)    $35 plus tax
TrackMan 3hr Series                                       $95 plus tax
TrackMan 6hr Series                                       $175 plus tax
With each lesson that Trackman is used, you will receive a screencast analysis emailed to you for your review.
Distance Gapping (approximately 1hr.) $75 plus tax
We will have you hit each club and collect yardage data so you precisely know how far you hit the ball
TrackMan Evaluation                                      $60 plus tax

  • Get a 30-minute swing evaluation with our TrackMan Launch Monitor.
  • Get an in depth video swing assessment to finally help put you on a path to improving your game.
  • We will put you through our short wedge evaluation to show you how you can really lower your scores!
  • Set a plan with your instructor to finally progress and lower your scores.
  • Upgrade to a three or six hour lesson series and get $60 off the series price.
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